Commit 4b872321 authored by Thomas Löffler's avatar Thomas Löffler

Separate dump and import to temp database

parent 2699fcee
......@@ -147,7 +147,8 @@ Get dump for local environment:
- curl -LO
- chmod +x ./masquerade.phar && mv ./masquerade.phar /usr/bin/masquerade
- ssh ${STAGE_USER}@${STAGE_HOST} "php ./ci/current/vendor/bin/typo3cms database:export -c Default -e 'cf_*' -e 'cache_*' -e '[bf]e_sessions' -e '[bf]e_users' -e 'sys_log' -e 'sys_history' -e 'sys_registry' -e 'tx_solr_*' -e 'tx_igldapssoauth_config' ${ADDITIONAL_TABLE_EXCLUDES}" | mysql --user=root --password="$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD" --host=mysql "$MYSQL_DATABASE"
- ssh ${STAGE_USER}@${STAGE_HOST} "php ./ci/current/vendor/bin/typo3cms database:export -c Default -e 'cf_*' -e 'cache_*' -e '[bf]e_sessions' -e '[bf]e_users' -e 'sys_log' -e 'sys_history' -e 'sys_registry' -e 'tx_solr_*' -e 'tx_igldapssoauth_config' ${ADDITIONAL_TABLE_EXCLUDES}" > temp.sql
- echo temp.sql | mysql --user=root --password="$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD" --host=mysql "$MYSQL_DATABASE"
- cd .gitlab-ci/masquerade
- masquerade run --host=mysql --database=${MYSQL_DATABASE} --username=root --password=${MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD}
- cd ../../
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