Commit 34f3773b authored by Manuel Riezebosch's avatar Manuel Riezebosch
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print-pdf layout slide contents to fit stretch elements

layout() and thereby layoutSlideContents() is never invoked
when isPrintingPdf() is true so stretch elements are not
sized correctly.
This is ensured now by invoking the layoutSlideContents
from SetupPDF(). There seems no need to scale down
like in other PR's is suggested.
parent 7e6fb9ec
......@@ -620,6 +620,9 @@ = pageWidth + 'px'; = pageHeight + 'px';
// Make sure stretch elements fit on slide
layoutSlideContents(slideWidth, slideHeight);
// Add each slide's index as attributes on itself, we need these
// indices to generate slide numbers below
toArray( dom.wrapper.querySelectorAll( HORIZONTAL_SLIDES_SELECTOR ) ).forEach( function( hslide, h ) {
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