Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Blocker
    Blocking others for their work
  • Good First Issue
    Issues that are easy to work with and a good introduction into the project setup and workflows
  • Process: Awaiting Feedback
  • Process: Doing
  • Process: High priority
    Should be done first
  • Process: Review
    Needs review
  • Process: To Do
    task which can be started
  • Process: needs refinement
  • Skill: Backend
    Issues related to backend logic and extension functionality
  • Skill: Content
    Issues related to page content that needs adjustment/review
  • Skill: Design
    Issues related to the conception of new elements, page layouts and more.
  • Skill: Documentation
    Issues related to Documentation
  • Skill: Frontend
    Tasks all around frontend, fixing CSS issues, implementing designs to CSS and Styleguide HTML, etc.
  • Skill: Integration
    Issues related to typoscript and Fluid
  • Skill: Solr
    All issues related to search functionality powered by Solr
  • Type: Bug
    Issues related to unexpected behaviour with a project
  • Type: Epic
    Epic issue to describe a general functionality.
  • Type: Feature
    Issues related to new feature requests, implementing new functionality into a project
  • Type: Suggestion
    Issues that contain suggestions that require discussion before being considered for implementation
  • Type: Task
    Issues related to administrative tasks rather than specific code problems. These issues are mainly created automatically by a feedback form integration.